Our Giving Story 

How Epic Yoga & Lifestyle makes a difference in the wider community

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Our Local Gladstone business, Epic Yoga & Lifestyle is embarking on two massive giving projects in 2018. Epic Yoga & Lifestyle is giving 10,000 days of life-saving water to families in Ethiopia, and also giving 1,000 days of access to a safe house for children saved from sexual abuse in Nepal.


In 2017 Epic Yoga & Lifestyle’s Full Moon Yoga events attracted thousands of people
throughout the year and raised thousands of dollars for charities in need.
In 2018 Epic Yoga & Lifestyle has raised the bar for giving back. It’s pioneering an
approach that will see every interaction with the business have a micro-impact with
someone else in the world.

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“Giving has become a habit for us. This year we’re setting bigger goals for our impacts. By creating micro-giving impacts everyday, we believe that great things can be achieved.”



Through giving stories, a micro-giving impact is created simply by doing what we do everyday. For example: Every-time someone practices Yoga at Epic, 1 day of life-saving water will be provided to families in need. Whenever someone starts a 2 week trial of Yoga, 1 day of access to a safe house will be provided for children saved from sexual abuse.

“Yoga has an amazing ability to heal the individual, but also to heal the world. We
encourage all local Gladstone business to consider how they are giving back. As a Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) Business For Good, we incorporate even more meaning to our business through giving. Together, we are making great difference in the world by doing what we do every day”

Paul Charalambous, founder of Epic Yoga & Lifestyle.


At Epic Yoga & Lifestyle, our big goal for 2018 is tor provide 1,000 of Access to a Safe House for kids saved from sexual abuse in Nepal.


We are proud to have partnered with many local community groups, charities and organisations since opening the doors to Epic Yoga & Lifestyle in 2016. Choosing charities that directly affect our local community and our Epic members, our giving story has touched many lives.