Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to yoga class?

Clothes that allow for a full range of motion, that you feel comfortable sweating in.

What should I eat/drink before class?

Give yourself a few hours to digest before getting on your mat. Having a full belly isn't a lot of fun during yoga. A lite snack is fine! Make sure you are hydrated!

I'm not flexible! Can I come?

Absolutely! Yoga is how you get more flexible! Everyone starts somewhere- and a regular practice will help you find more space & ease in your body!

Are you new to yoga?


Paul is sensitive to the differing needs and strengths of the people attending his classes, always offering a number of different options for each pose. His classes are not only a great workout, but also offer a great opportunity to meditate and reflect on what is important. We enjoy the social aspects of the classes and the great mix of strength work and relaxation.
- Katy, Epic Yogi


Tips for Your Time at the Studio!

  1. Turn Your cell phone off (or put it on silent). This is your time to unwind & unplug.

  2. Don't wear heavy perfume/colognes- some folks have sensitivities.

  3. Stay for Savasana (final resting pose)- it's the most important pose of class. If you have to leave early, let the teacher know, and put your mat close to the door so you don't disturb your fellow yogis.

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