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Developing an Empowering Mindset

In this two hour workshop, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and empowerment that will leave you self-aware and ready to take on the obstacles of life with a determined and compassionate mind.

This workshop will not be a walk in a park. You will be asked to think deeply about your self, your attitudes, your actions, and your values, only then will you truly learn the impact your mindset has on your outcomes.

You may even find yourself up against some resistance as you challenge the model of the world your mind has constructed. But, don't freat, after all, big challenges have a way of giving us a sense of accomplishment and a change of outlook we are never quite prepared for. This journey of your inner self is no different.

Undertaking this search of self will lead you to a far deeper level of fulfillment, joy, and freedom.

Throughout the two hours, there will be lots of discussions, meditation, time for reflection and a chance to set new intentions for your future, empowered self.