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Pranayama Techniques with Freda

  • Salt Power Yoga 164 Auckland Street Gladstone Central, QLD, 4680 Australia (map)

Did you know that most of only utilise a one-third of our body's breathing capacity?

Simply put, we're just not very good at breathing. Sure, we're alive right now, but we're not taking advantage of our full capabilities. It's like constantly driving in second gear, pretty useless for the long haul. 

Breathing is the way we feed our cells with oxygen (very important), but it's also a way to expel toxins. When we exhale carbon dioxide we are eliminating waste from the body.

In Yoga, we believe so much in the power of our breath that we dedicate an entire area of study and practice to it - Pranayama. In Sanskrit, Prana means ‘energy’ or ‘life source’, it can refer to the breath as the very action that keeps us alive, or, to the energy in the universe around us.

In practice, Pranayama refers to the vast array of breathing techniques taught throughout yoga to help us master our breath, and in turn our mind, body, and emotions.

Learn to take control of your breath. This workshop delves into the science behind how Pranayama works, yoga philosophy, guided meditation, slow rolling asanas and a series of Pranayama techniques for you to bring into your own practice.


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