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Restore More with Emilia Dauway

Salt Power Yoga's very own Emilia Dauway isn't just a beloved yoga teacher. Emilia, or rather Dr. Dauway, is a world-class surgeon and oncology doctor. After decades of learning and practicing in the USA, Dr. Dauway, Emilia, arrived in Gladstone with a mission in mind. Help women in regional areas affected by breast cancer. 

For this very special event, Emilia is running one of her much-loved yoga classes, only this time, tickets are $35 with all proceeds are going to her passion project, Restore More.  

Restore More not only helps women in rural areas receive treatment for breast cancer, Restore More helps women who have had to face the life-altering decision to receive a mastectomy or preventative breast removal. Restore More helps women reclaim their body's from cancer and become their selves once again, through compassionate reconstruction. 

Dr. Emilia Dauway is an expert in the surgical technique called oncoplastic surgery. Which achieves a satisfactory margin of normal breast tissue while maintaining or improving the cosmetic appearance of the breast.

The concept of oncoplastic surgery is a merger of plastic surgical techniques with oncologic surgery to reconfigure, reshape or reconstruct the breast after breast preservation or mastectomy.


Dr. Emilia Dauway is the former Chief of Breast Surgery and the director of the Breast Cancer Program at Baylor, Scott and White Healthcare in Texas, USA. She is an American trained surgeon who has taken the opportunity to practice general and oncologic surgery in Australia.

Emilia is a member of the Breast Surgeons of Australia New Zealand and the American Society of Breast Surgeons, she is an expert in the treatment of breast disease, with special interests in breast cancer tumor biology and oncoplastic surgery.