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Learn to Love Your Body: Live Life Vibrantly Workshop Series with Katie Allen

From Holistic Health & Life Coach, Katie Allen, comes this four-part workshops series designed to give you the tools and skills to live your life with vibrancy everyday.

You’ll join Katie in a safe, private space to focus on tools and mindset shifts that will transform your life. By focusing on; loving & accepting your body, self care, increasing energy, and foods that impact your energy; you will walk away knowing how to feel your best every single day.

The series is run over four workshops, with the option to purchase a single workshop or the whole series.

October 21: Learn to Love Your Body

Do you avoid looking at your body? Or have a ton of negative self talk and thoughts running through your head? If you're like most women in our society, the answer is YES! We are told from the time we're small children to be more of one thing and less of something else. Pretty. Quiet. Thin. Picture perfect. And the age of social media only reinforces this belief each and every day. Most of us feel this pressure, yet few people talk about it. Is it time to forget this old script and re-write your story?

This life-changing Body Love workshop is perfect for you if... 

+ You're exhausted with searching for happiness in a number on a scale 

+ You're tired of hating what you see in the mirror and hiding from truly living life 

+ You're ready to learn how to LOVE and accept yourself how you are in this very moment 

I truly believe that we ALL deserve to love ourselves and our bodies no matter who we are or what we look like. Whether you can't even imagine what loving your body could feel like or you've started taking some baby steps down that path, this workshop will help get you there!

To get all of the benefits this series has to offer, including a bonus 60 minute 1:1 Discovery Call with Katie, come along to all four workshops!

A Discovery Call (valued at $99) is a 60 minute private, one on one coaching call!  It is where we uncover what's been stopping YOU from reaching your goals, develop a vision for what living your best, most vibrant life will look like and mean for you, and we will get clear on what you really want to take some targeted action moving forward. All calls will take place after November 1, 2018. To take advantage of this BONUS offer, simply attend all four workshops

November 4: Self Care Simplified 

Do you find yourself at the bottom of your priority list? Does everyone else's happiness, needs, desires, and dreams come before you? Has family, work or study taken over your life and you're in need of some balance? Most women (and some men) are told to always put others first. To take care of everybody else and survive on the leftovers. But what if caring for yourself first was actually the greatest gift you could give to everyone and everything you love?

If you’re craving some yummy, nourishing time for yourself and want to be at your best but don’t know where to start then this Self Care Simplified Workshop is for you!

This Self Care Simplified Workshop is for you if...

+You want to discover what self care means in your unique life curcumstances

+The thought of implementing self care without a ton of money, an abundance of time, and without any guilt seems impossible (Hint: it's not!)

+You're ready to implement an intentional self care practice to help you be at your best each and every day

Come on out to explore how to lovingly care for your mind, body and spirit in a way that you deserve. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup. So come on in for a refill!

November 18: How to Double Your Energy Naturally 

Are you tired all the time and just want some relief? Do you feel like you’re running on empty and have nothing left to give? Are you getting through the day on caffeine infusions and energy drinks? You're not alone!

Many people struggle with feeling awake and energised. In our fast-paced world we are constantly on the move, and if you're not equipped to re-energise you'll fall flat sooner than later.

This Double Your Energy Workshop is for you if...

+You want to determine where all of the energy drains are in your life so that you can address them lovingly

+You're excited about focusing on increasing your energy in a natural, safe way

+You're craving lifestyle and mindset shifts that will increase your energy every single day!

Come along to this Double Your Energy workshop and learn how to boost your energy in a way that honours your body, improves your life, and feels amazing!

December 2: Kick the Sugar Habit While Sweetening Your Life 

Do you find yourself craving sweets? Do you need that sugary pick me up mid-morning, have heaps of sugar in your coffee, or feel the evening isn't complete without a handful of lollies or big scoop of ice cream?

Sugar is not the ultimate enemy, but it is a huge roadblock for many who are wanting to live their happiest, healthiest lives. At this jam-packed workshop, you'll learn how to reduce your sugar intake and honour your body without feeling like you’re missing out or depriving yourself of life’s sweetness. 

This Kick the Sugar Habit Workshop is for you if...

+You want to figure out where sugar is hiding in many common foods (including 'health foods')

+You're ready to step up and learn why you should care about reducing your sugar consumption and all of the potential side effects it may have (Hint: it's more than your waistline!)

+You're ready to uncover the myth of how to reduce sugar intake in an easy way while increasing life's sweetness

Come along to this Kick the Sugar Habit while Sweetening Your Life workshop and learn how to adjust your diet and sugar intake to help you live the most vibrant, happy, healthy life you can possibly live!


What seating is provided?

There are unlimited yoga mats and blocks to use as seating. A limited amount of chairs are available, so please bring your own if this is a necessity for you. 

What do I bring into the event?

You're invited to bring a notebook and pen, plus a chair (fold up camping chairs are great) if you'll be more comfortable seated this way. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

By email at

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, please bring a printed ticket as they will be checked.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, please email to update registration information.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes, please email to update the ticket information.

What's the refund policy?

If all four workshops are purchased, refunds will be provided up to 7 days before the first event. If one workshop is purchased, refunds will be provided 7 days before the individual even