Yoga Studio Etiquette

Yoga studios, while designed to be a place of relaxation, can be kind of intimidating... It's not that they've got offensive lime-green walls or nagging white lights which will not stop flickering. 

But they're funny spaces, communal and practical like a gym, but calm and cozy like a late night living room. It's this, the subtle yet blinding clash of intimacy and publicity which complicates how we go about navigating the room. 

So, to help you feel a little less awkward and a whole lot more relaxed, we put together some points to plot your course by, a little bit of etiquette if you will. 



Treat the studio like a library, keeping talking to a minimum.
Walk as quiet as a mouse, actively try to minimise footstep noise by softly walking. And definitely turn off your phone, airplane mode is better than silent, ensuring there's no noise from the vibration. 

Arrive Early

Let yourself unwind and settle in your skin before the practice starts. 


Treat the mat like an island.
Group classes can be really moving and fun, but yoga is an inherently solo practice. To make sure you, and the others you are sharing the space with, feel comfortable and relaxed consider the boundaries of a mat someone's personal bubble.

To keep the studio lovely for everyone, please put your props away tidily, and leave your shoes outside the studio.  

Where to Look

You can use a yoga technique known as Drishti (drish-tee), which is to concentrate your eyes on one spot in front of you. The Drishti is also a  Drahana (concentration) technique.

Alternatively, you can close your eyes, you might surprise yourself how much more in-tune with your balance you can become. At the end of the day, the biggest take-home point is, don't stare, you can look to others as a guide to see if you're in the right posture. But remember yoga is a personal journey, not a competition. 

Untitled design-5.png

The Mat

It's considered rude to walk on someone else's mat without permission. 

Before you roll your mat and put it away, give it a spritz of our homemade eucalyptus spray - just H2O & eucalyptus oil, that's it - it cleans the mat for the next person (nice) and increases the mats life-span (great). 

If you bring your own mat, by all means, make use of the spray too. We will always have mats in the studio for our students, but if you want to try practicing at home, check out our fun range of Yoga Design Lab mats. 

Don't Skip Savasana

If you really have to leave early, let the teacher know at the start of class and set yourself up at the edge of the room so you can slip away quietly.

Happy, relaxed and respectful, yoga-ing friends! 

p.s. Don't be shy about asking any questions! You can send an email to, shoot us a message on Facebook, or ask a teacher! ✌️