Yoga: Where to Start and What's the Point

Where do I start? | How do I progress? | What's the end goal?

At first glance, the three questions above seem fairly straightforward, simple even. Just start, and do, and well... just keep doing.

Alas, you see, these questions are more than what they seem, and for most of us, at one point in time or another, these questions will rear their heads to taunt us. But it's not all bad news, quite the opposite rather.

At Salt Power Yoga, your teachers, have all faced these questions, and while there's no quick fix, there are answers. 


Where to Begin?

At class? At home? Begin with intention.

To begin yoga, you do not need to know anything, yoga is fundamentally about learning and growing, all your truly need is the will to start. The best practical place to start is with our Beginners Course, which is designed to give you the very best foundations for yoga; physically and mentally. 

Our Beginners Course runs for 6 weeks, it gives you access to specially designed classes which develop your understanding and technique of basic yoga asana (postures). You also get a workbook to help you commit to your practice and learn more about yoga, not to mention wonderfully passionate teachers and a community of like-minded individuals. 

Apart from developing a strong foundation in physical technique which is offered to you in our Beginners Course, you will also benefit from entering your practice with an intention. Think of your intention as a commitment to growth, a goal if you will. Your intention can be as simple as 'learning', 'stretching', or 'moving', as your practice blossoms so too will your intentions and your understanding of how practicing yoga helps you meet that intention.

Am I Progressing? 

Are you still learning?

Yoga isn't like Karate, there is no Sensi to give you coloured belts as your ascend levels. Instead, you are your own master, and your body is your school, and your teacher is your library.

You can push yourself to stretch and strengthen your way into inversions and twisted postures, or you can not. If your body and mind are happy with your current level, enjoy that. If you want to learn more, simply ask yourself and your teacher. 

Just remember yoga progress isn't simply physical, it's an exercise of the mind too, and the best way to progress is to practice. 

What's the End Goal?


Calmness, awareness, understanding, buzz words. 

If you are looking for a set purpose, one big answer, you might find it in the Yoga philosophy of Mushka, which means coming to a permanent state of being liberation, release, and freedom, its a sense that all things are one, mind, body, spirit, physical world and divine. 

In yoga philosophy, we learn to think of yoga as a tool to answer our questions and help us through life. When we work with this tool consistently, we gain skills like self-awareness, calmness and a sense of understanding. 

When we understand yoga as being a way of life rather than an exercise, we realise there really is no end, only practice and progress.