Pre & Post Natal Classes

Our pre and post-natal yoga classes are designed to help expecting mothers and new mothers nourish their bodies and minds.


Our specially trained teachers work with women to listen to their bodies, through key asanas, modified postures, and the use of props, women can enjoy the benefits of yoga as their bodies are changing.

Prenatal Yoga

All yoga teaches us all to listen to our bodies & to trust our bodies. It lets us balance both flexibility and strength: too much of one and we have tightness, too much of the other leads to instability. Working towards this balance is instrumental in minimising the aches and pains of changing pregnant bodies.

Prenatal yoga helps expecting mothers to strengthen and gain flexibility in their hip, core, and pelvic floor muscles, these are the key muscle groups which face the most significant changes. By becoming more aware, strong and flexible within these muscles expecting mothers can prepare for a smoother birth.

In addition to the gentle asanas which work on the key muscle groups, prenatal yoga provides breathing and mind-calming techniques, two very helpful skills to have during labor. The Gentle yet active postures of prenatal yoga don't just help to activate the muscle groups essential to expecting mothers posture, spine health, hip health, and labor. Prenatal yoga also helps improve her sleep quality, decrease nausea and improve her breathing. 

Prenatal yoga is slow, soothing and powerfully positive. 


Postnatal Yoga


Meanwhile, postnatal yoga helps a woman's body recover from nine months of marvelous creating and growing. Postnatal yoga helps to restore the stretched abdomen muscles, realign and strengthen the spine, it promotes hormone rebalance, and offers new mums a time of relaxation and calmness.

Our postnatal yoga classes are open to bubs up to six months, our teachers help new mums integrate their little ones into their asanas, whether that be using the postures to keep bub entertained, or by holding them as a part of the asana. The postnatal yoga classes are immensely beneficial for both mum and baby. As mum nourishes her body and mind, bub will often follow suit. becoming animated during when the energy of the room is high and soothed during the periods of rest.

Beyond the physical benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga, the classes are a great change for expecting and new mums to meet other women at similar stages of their motherhood. To share their experiences of pregnancy and motherhood in a relaxed and supportive community.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from prenatal or postnatal yoga?

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