Men’s Health Week - Health Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard 

We need to be ‘manly’ men, good fathers and role models, good at our jobs; but then we’re told we need to be more sensitive and caring, a good listener and we need to spend more time at home to be a good father and husband. While we are juggling the many responsibilities of being a man we tend to let go of the one thing that’s most important and that’s our health.

How can we expect to be all these things to the people in our life, if we are truly unhealthy and possibly unhappy???? 

Being healthy is really, really, really, really simple… but you already know that. Choose what makes you feel good & healthy. Yes the 8th beer makes you feel good in the moment, but is it actually making you feel ‘good & healthy’? Choose fresh produce over packaged foods (no fancy diets required). CHOOSE LIFE OVER DEATH. 

Choose to practice yoga 2 -3 times a week, you will lose weight, get stronger, become less stressed, have a greater sense of clarity, acceptance and fulfilment. You will sleep better, your blood pressure will improve, your lung capacity increases. Yoga boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, prevents disease, reduces chronic pain and I don’t need to tell you, it ultimately helps you live longer, healthier and happier.

It’s a lay down misere!! Why keep living in struggle town, trying diets, sporadically lifting weights and dreaming about the old footy days; when you get be healthy right now, without the struggle?

I’m now in my late 30’s and am the healthiest (both physically and mentally) than I have ever been, thanks to a simple yoga practice. And no I didn’t turn gay or grow dreadlocks and wear beads around my neck. 

I’ve been on my death bed and know how it feels to be fatally sick and how it feels to be alive. I know the choice is simple… I CHOOSE LIFE OVER DEATH. 

You were born to be healthy and happy. You were born to be free and enjoy the abundant fruits of life. This is your birthright. You are the highest form of creation, a gift not meant to be destroyed by stress and daily visits to the pie van. Now get out there and make a simple difference in your life for not only you, but those loved ones around you. The choice is yours….