Understanding Sukha: Yoga Philosophy

Nearly three thousand years ago, Patanjali wrote "Sthira Sukham Asanam". The phrase as a whole is most commonly translated to mean “asana [should be] steady (sthira) and comfortable (sukha).” The premise of the teaching is that we need to strive for the balance between effort and comfort. We’ve talked about it briefly before, but in this article we're diving a little deeper.

5 Yoga Poses For Sore Feet

Our dear feet do cop a bad wrap though or at the very least some moderate neglect. Every day our feet are there for us, walking us around and keeping us upright, but we don't really think about them until they start hurting. Beyond the impact an unhappy foot has on our ability to walk, the implications of misalignment and poor foot health reverberate throughout our body.

A Yoga Sequence For Runners

Yoga helps runners prevent injury and improve performance through strength and flexibility. For all our fellow runners out there, whether you're a veteran pacer, just trying to start a new routine, or have signed up for an upcoming race, here are our favourite asanas for helping out our stride. 

Happy & Healthy Hips: A Quick & Easy Yoga Sequence

Our beautiful hips; bearers of our bodies burden and the sanctuary for over 20 muscles  - adductors, abductors, hip flexors in front, deep lateral rotators, and more. Our hips are the powerhouse of moving through life, walking, running, bending and of course, sitting. No to mention, the all-important procreation of our species, childbearing and birth.

The Art of Finding Balance

We're told to seek balance a lot, whether it be in our diets, our exercise, our job, or our pleasure, but what is balance? And what is balance in yogic terms, is it simply being able to hold long balancing asanas? Or is there more to this balance in life thing?