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Gladstone's Home of Yoga

 We're here to offer a welcoming space that will help you get stronger & centered while simultaneously helping you manage stress. You'll begin to approach life with a greater sense of balance. Yoga simply means union. The union of the body & the mind, breath & movement. Elegant in it's simplicity, yoga is to bring together, to re-connect

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A Community of Learning, STRENGTH & emPowerment


Our Humble Students Tell us...

Our humble students tell us they have improved:

  • Physical health: Fitness, muscle tone, flexibility, energy levels

  • Mental health: Memory, depression, sense of purpose, positivity

  • Emotional health: Emotional stability, anger, stress or anxiety levels

  • Spiritual health: Relationship with higher power, sense of inner peace and happiness

  • Relationships Quality: of close relationships, friends, family life, sex-life


I joined with Epic in August of last year and now can't imagine my life without a yoga fix on a regular basis. In the 5 months since then, I have grown stronger, lost a little weight, given up smoking and made new friends. I was new to yoga and was a little intimidated at first, however Paul and all his staff are so passionate, friendly and helpful, which helped to make me feel at home quite quickly.
- Nita, Epic Yoga Student


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